June 23, 2024

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3 Common Misconceptions About Awnings Debunked

5 Common Myths About Awnings - Universal Awning and Sign

Functional and stylish awnings could be perfect for livening up your exterior and creating a lovely shaded outdoor oasis. While many features prove the worth of this investment, there are still some misleading misconceptions. Read on and debunk those myths that might be the only reason you still doubt contacting the experts.

Awnings Are Expensive

One of the myths around modern awnings is related to pricing. You should know that it’s entirely feasible to find high-quality products for a reasonable price. A great example could be innovative yet affordable custom awnings – Lexblinds team offers a wide range of designs, waterproof fabrics, and manually controlled or automated pieces. Made-to-measure pieces allow crafting your own product of any stylistics and preferred control mechanism.

Finally, consider it a long-term investment that offers more than a nice outdoor shade. Stylish shields would protect you and your outdoor furnishings from mild rain and harmful UV rays. Regarding furnishings, this is simply a great solution to prevent furniture and the terrace from fading or moulding.

Products’ Control Mechanisms and Maintenance Are Complicated

Another important factor – innovative awnings are far from complicated manual mechanisms or hard-to-maintain fabrics. Today, market professionals offer modern, waterproof materials that don’t require much of your attention. Also, the manually controlled solutions are vastly improved – smooth and minimalistic. Not to mention the automated options with smart wind and solar sensors.

There’re Only a Few Designs to Choose From 

The choice of awnings is not limited to one style and standard design. Choose from various fabrics, patterns, colours, textures and top-quality aluminium constructions. You can actually create any outdoor area look – modern, Provence, Scandinavian, minimalist, classical, etc. By the way, modern shields are perfect for different outdoor spaces – terraces, patios, balconies, etc.

Wondering whether modern awnings could be the perfect choice for your space? The best way to figure it out is by contacting the experts. They’ll objectively assess the installation possibilities and options, also, advice on efficient control mechanisms and designs to complement the exterior. So, the main task here is to find a trustworthy service provider, and they’ll do the rest for you.