April 24, 2024

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4 Enchanting Bedrooms with A European Twist

4 Enchanting Bedrooms with A European Twist

2. Warm Tones with Classic and Modern Types

The major bed room in this Hampshire residence is protected in a linen-silk blend Wallpaper. It is also known as “Strie”. The furniture combines new finds and gorgeous antiques, which include a Louis XV revival window seat. The house was made by Philip Hooper

Images by Simon Brown

3. Vibrant and Airy Coastal Place Bedroom

A brilliant coastal bed room that attributes a mossy inexperienced velvet headboard. Driving the bed, hangs white and gold muslin for a intimate influence.

Do you want to renovate your bed room into an enchanting hideaway? We integrated a grand luxurious bed, stylish nightstand, and elegant light fixtures to improve your major bed room. The critical to building an enchanting bedroom consists of tender colour palettes and glamourous facts. To insert some charm, model antique furniture, and decor with fashionable finds. Store the search underneath.


Commencing off this 7 days with some interior inspiration. Have a pleased Monday! 🙂