June 25, 2024

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5 Reasons Many Benefit By Staging Their Houses!

Why do, similar houses, often, sell, for significantly, different prices? While, there are many factors, including, location, up – keep, specific neighborhood, curb – appeal, etc, in many cases, houses, which are professionally, expertly, staged, tend to sell for more money, and faster, than others! Home staging addresses areas of weakness, by reducing their negative impacts, while, accentuating, the positive! As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have often, witnessed, first – hand, the transformational impacts, when one stages, certain houses. Although, there are many benefits, of doing this, this article, will consider, five reasons, briefly, and will consider, discuss, examine, and review, why it matters, often.

1. First impression: An often – overlooked, component, of this approach, is the curb appeal, related to a specific house. Most buyers, are significantly, affected, by their first impressions, which include, what they see, and feel, as they drive – up, to the house, and see it, for the first time! Items, involved, include: exterior painting; maintenance of lawns, and gardens; cleanliness, flowers, and overall appearances! It should, also, include, immediate, interior concerns, such as: eliminating odors, and other negative distractions, etc, excessive clutter, etc.

2. Accentuate the positives: It is important to know, the best features, of your home, so you might, accentuate the positives, in a way, which attracts potential buyers, to these, primarily! For example, which room, and/ or, area, would you say, is the biggest positive attraction! Discuss with an expert, and focus, on using fundamentals of staging, to truly, bring attention, to these!

3. Minimize the negatives: What aspects/ components/ areas, do you feel, are less – than – optimum, so you might, minimize the negative impacts, of these items! Size, type, location, and other considerations, often, make a world, of difference! I have had potential buyers, who asked, if they could, also by the staged – furniture!

4. Many buyers can’t visualize!: Why should, staging, be needed, since, what, should, really, matter, most, are the bones – of – a – home? In reality, many potential buyers, aren’t able to, or are unwilling, to visualize, how things, can become, by some simple – fixes! When houses are staged, it helps these people, see themselves, living in that house, and liking it!

5. Declutter; deodorize: Taking, simple steps, such as reducing clutter, are inexpensive, rather simple, basic steps, and actions! At the same time, consider, distracting odors, etc, and address them, proactively. Begin this process, by looking, objectively, at your home, in a way, a prospective buyer, might evaluate/ consider, your house!

Since, for most people the financial value of their house, is their single – biggest, asset, doesn’t it, make sense, to maximize the possibilities, when you go to sell it? Will you be a wiser, home – seller?