May 27, 2024

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Bathroom Trends: Floating Vanities for Modern & Transitional Styles

Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, with fewer windows and less square footage. You might wish you had more space if you want to create an oasis-like atmosphere. You can still create a luxurious and spacious bathroom even if you cannot change the size. Wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect solution. Floating cabinets allow the bathroom floor to be seen beneath the vanity, giving the impression of a bigger room.

A floating vanity in textured wood with a contemporary wood look. You might wish you had a bigger bathroom if you want to create an oasis-like atmosphere. You can make your bathroom feel larger and more luxurious even if you cannot change its size.

With a floating vanity made of cherry wood stained in a light shade, a small powder room will feel larger. What are floating vanities? How can I make my bathroom appear larger?

The Transitional Style Has Been Embraced by Wall-Mounted Vanities

The floating vanity looks great in both modern and contemporary bathroom designs, but it also works well for transitional-style bathrooms. In transitional baths, a floating vanity may be combined with tall floating cabinets for linen or a long line of floating cabinets with floor-mounted tall cabinets to frame the room.

For small bathrooms, floating vanities can create an airy, spacious feel. This bath features a combination of bronze and copper finishes for an impressive effect. Two linen cabinets are mounted on the wall to frame the vanity, creating a sleek and symmetrical design. A center sink has convenient drawers both on the left and right side for storage in the powder room.

Floating Vanity & Linen Cabinetry

Above, you can see a bathroom with a transitional design that features tall floating linen cabinets on either side of the vanity. The tall floating linen cabinetry frames the vanity while providing ample storage for towels and other linens. The transitional bath design was created with a masculine look. Its “Allspice”, stained finish, and Marley style doors create a no-frills feel. The copper tiles that surround the mirror are a beautiful match with the cabinetry.

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