April 24, 2024

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Buying an Inexpensive Engagement Ring That is Not Cheap Looking

If money is no object, you can buy any diamond engagement ring you want for you future fiancée without worrying about the price tag. However, if your budget is tight, you want to get the best quality ring for you money. Just because you have limited funds does not mean you have to settle for a cheap looking engagement ring to propose to the one you love.

Here are a few ideas as to where to go to found the best quality ring with the money you have.
Consider buying your ring from a small jewelry stores. If you are not educated about diamonds or jewelry, you may want do buy your diamond engagement ring from a jewelry store. But instead of going to a department store or large jewelry chain stores, you may want to buy your ring from a small local jewelry store. These jewelry boutiques are often run by the individual owner who is more likely to bend over backwards to make a happy and repeat customer out of you. You probably have a better chance of negotiating the price with the owner of the store and get a great deal for a ring.

Outlet stores of jewelry store chains or department stores. Outlet stores of large retail jewelers are great places to shop for great deals on jewelry, including wedding and engagement rings. The qualities of the rings are often the same as those found in conventional stores, but with prices greatly reduced. Usually, the rings end up at the outlet stores because they are discontinued styles, last season’s designs, or overstocked items as well as displayed rings and imperfect items that can usually be repaired cheaply.

Second hand engagement rings at you local pawn shops. Modern pawn shops are nothing like the overstuffed, dark and dreary shops you see in movies. There are now chains stores and the shops are designed like retail stores. The shops usually clean, polish and fix what they buy before putting them out on the sales floor to resell. Don’t be surprises to find brand name, high-end jewelry at greatly reduced prices. You may also find vintage and antique engagement rings at great prices. Some women may find antique ring appealing, being that these rings may have interesting designs not found with modern designs and have a great history attached to them. Pre-owned rings can also be found at estate sales and garage sales.

Online stores or auction sites. Online jewelry stores can usually offer the same quality engagement rings for less than traditional brick and mortar stores because they don’t have the overhead expenses from running a physical store. In addition to great prices, you also have access to many more choices right at your finger tips. Another online place to consider for great deals on engagement ring is eBay and other auction sites like it. If you have the time and the patient, auctions are the best way to buy a quality ring at the best possible price. However, buying an engagement ring online is risky since you can’t handle and inspect the ring before you pay for it.

Don’t let a tight budget get in the way of purchasing that symbol of love for your future fiancee.