July 20, 2024

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Kenya Beach Safari Kitchen

Complete your Kenya Beach Safari experience with the flavours of the exotic Swahili kitchen.

The ingredients and methods of Swahili cooking dates back several centuries when wealthy merchants of Arabia and India first visited the Kenyan coast.

The exhilarating scent of spices, coconut milk, rice and fresh fish will meet you as you walk through the old fashion streets of the coastal towns.

All the food you will eat on your Kenya beach safari is fresh from the local gardens. Most hotels order their ingredients such as fresh juicy tomatoes, succulent sun kissed mangoes, big green organic peppers from local farms every morning. The sea food and fish is caught in the Indian Ocean by local fishermen and brought to the hotel each morning too.

A typical breakfast on your Kenya beach safari may consist of a spread of garden fruits such as juicy oranges, ripe bananas, mangoes and pineapples serve with delicious Swahili treats such as mahamri. You will also have a selection of fine Kenyan teas and coffee as an accompaniment.

For your lunches and dinner, you will have a large selection of fresh sea food and fish with local specialities such as hot and spicy bhajia, samosas, spinach in coconut milk and large bowls of coconut rice. It all tastes so heavenly.

You can choose to eat in a hotel or on a sailing dhow making it all an unforgettable experience.

Read more about food, culture and a typical Kenya beach safari at http://www.my-kenya-guide.com/kenya-beach-safari.html