July 20, 2024

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Taveuni Island, Fiji – Accommodation

Taveuni, the third largest island in Fiji, after Vanua Levu and Vuna, is a tourist paradise with lots of wonderful flora and fauna, and magnificent resorts and tourist attraction spots. Are you looking for a place to spend your summer holidays? If so, then why not try this one out. I can assure you that you’ll have more fun than you can imagine. There are numerous tourist hotspots like Lake Tagimaucia, Bouma falls and a number of beautiful gardens in the western part along with animal sanctuaries. If you like adventure sports, then there’s mountain trekking done in the Southern Taveuni Mountains and also scuba diving which is easily the best tourist attraction in Taveuni.

Now, if you are interested in exploring this little island, then the first thing that you’ll be looking for is the accommodation facilities. There are many resorts like Paradise Taveuni Resort, Taveuni palms, Maravu plantation beach resort and spa, Qamea beach resort, and many more. These resorts are ideal for a romantic getaway and for those who’ve always dreamt of the perfect beach wedding. They provide a tranquil ambience and non- commercialized setting ideal for couples very much in love. They also provide idyllic packages for newly married couples or honeymooners. This wonder island is certainly blessed with highlands and verdant rainforests and the accommodation is tailor made to suit all your vacation interests and your budget.

These resorts are one of the finest, consisting of private guestrooms and also with areas covering the sandy beaches and encircling the freshwater swimming pool. The villas offer bedrooms equipped with bathrooms, and also indoor/outdoor bathrooms. The outdoor sheds are fully equipped with chairs and coffee tables so that you can enjoy the panoramic sunset view and the blue seas with ease and comfort whilst just sitting and relaxing. These resorts also have private chefs, with kitchen and bar appliances and the house staff is very professional here. They aim make your vacation to Taveuni a truly memorable one.

Other resorts like Paradise Taveuni resort has many oceanfront bures and tropical bures as well, each of which allow 2 to 3 adults per bure. Snorkeling is available at the private marina along with kayaking, hiking, and not to mention scuba diving. Wait, here’s more; you can also discover the new Fiji life while staying here under cool thatched roofs and outdoor showers, with nicely furnished lounge rooms. Bird watching, village trips, waterfall visits are other activities added in your tour itinerary.

Lastly, to get to Taveuni, you need to fly to Nadi International airport in Fiji, from where you can catch flights connecting to Taveuni Island. Also, you need to get travel insurance before you set out for Taveuni. The hotel fare once booked has to be cleared at some point of time, so, if you encounter any accident during your journey or if you feel sick before leaving for Taveuni, then the insurance will take care of your expenditures. These will surely help you recoup most of the costs incurred for the journey. These insurances are quite affordable and so it is recommended that you insure yourself immediately before flying off.